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Discover why our risk software appeals to everyday businesses

Our online risk assessment software keeps things simple so anyone can setup and maintain their risk information quickly, easily and securely.  Whether you've outgrown Excel, looking to replace an outdated system or just starting out...look no further than Risk Wizard.

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Flexible, user-friendly and affordable

Risk frameworks, terminology, dashboards, reports and other risk management criteria can go into the risk software tool straight 'out-of-the-box' with minimum fuss.

Because Risk Wizard is quicker to access, easier to manage and has better security, you spend less time and effort than on Excel or outdated risk systems.

Moving from risk register spreadsheets to our risk assessment tool is easy as 1-2-3

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Easily transfer your Excel risk register

Boards, regulators and other stakeholders recognise that having a proven risk management system in place improves business performance, instils confidence and is strong evidence of a well-managed risk process. 


The shortcomings of spreadsheets have decision-makers more nervous than ever so they are becoming less and less acceptable.  Transferring your Excel risk register has never been easier.

Why move away from risk management spreadsheets?

Improved performance,
process and security

A proper risk system improves risk awareness benefitting performance by reducing number of negative impacts on the organisation.


Regulators or other key stakeholders require better evidence of a proper, audited risk process.


Sensitive risk data held in spreadsheets can be easily accessed compared to a secure centralised database.

More reliable, simplified,
timely reporting

Underlying risk data can be relied upon when taking a ‘fact based’ approach to understanding the status of strategic risks.

Consolidation of multiple department risk registers into a corporate register is a simple, time-saving task. 

Executives make better decisions about strategic risks and actions when reports are easy to interpret and quick to prepare.

What are the major risk software purchase considerations if switching from Excel?

Cost, ease of use and
ongoing administration

Replacement cost for spreadsheets should be proportionate to the estimated benefit and size of the organisation involved.


Solution must be easy to use and not burden the organisation unduly in terms of time and costs for ongoing training or day to day operations.


System must be easy for the ‘risk team’ to manage on an ongoing basis, particularly important for small and medium organisations where resources are scarce.

Scalability, flexibility and reporting capability

Solution must be scalable and able to support the organisation as it grows both in size, dimension and risk ‘maturity’.

System framework must be flexible so that the customer can adjust it themselves to different organisation structures and processes over time.

Reporting capability must be sufficient to allow the customer to design their own reports quickly and easily without having to pay for these changes to be made.

Check out a typical risk software case study  

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VicHealth needed a simple yet sophisticated risk management system to replace their legacy system, the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) Risk Register.

The system also had to handle regulatory compliance and incident tracking.

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We provided a bespoke solution that took the existing risk management framework, risk assessment criteria, terminology, reporting structures and replicated these within the system.

We imported existing risk registers from the legacy system, migrated compliance obligations from Excel and used all of this information to refine the database structure.

fist with thumb up icon


Risk management, compliance and incident information can be quickly accessed and interpreted for further action.  


Automatic workflow notifications enables broader staff participation.  
Multiple registers have been consolidated with consistency of terminology, analysis and benchmarking resulting.

"Smooth transition from legacy system to Risk Wizard"

"Successful planning and testing over a period ensured a seamless transition from an old legacy system and error prone spreadsheets to a reliable, modern relational database."

It costs nothing to see our user friendly, sensibly priced risk software in action 

Whether you've just started to gather risk information, looking to progress from Excel risk registers or decided to replace an out of date system, we can help you succeed with a modern risk management software tool that is user friendly, flexible, value for money and saves time and effort.  Book a demo today to see how we can help you.

Laptop showing charts and graphs of risk data

Discover the types of solutions that
risk software systems should offer

Maintains certifications and accreditations

Demonstrate how quality, safety, efficiency standards and

records are maintained.

Makes people accountable

Track who is doing what

and when across

the business.


Replace unreliable spreadsheets

or legacy systems to get right information at  right time.

Avoids business threats to stay ahead

Plan for adverse risk events

and stay ahead of

the competition.

Saves money on insurance

Reduce insurance premiums

by lowering the total

cost of risk.


Improve work practices so that

staff safety and well-being is

greatly increased.

Keeps regulators and stakeholders happy

Avoid breaching rules,

regulations, policies or

industry guidelines.

Frees up valuable
time and effort

Streamline processes to

spend more time on higher

value work.


Monitor asset risks, losses

and capital maintenance


Risk software 101
Get to know the basics

What risks can be managed?

  • Business continuity risk

  • Emergency management risk

  • Enterprise risk

  • Environmental risk

  • Health and Safety risk

  • Information security risk

  • Operational risk

  • Project risk

  • Strategic risk 

Risk software outcomes

Enables an organisation to list all the foreseeable events that may harm or help its business and have these events prioritised, assessed and assigned.


Tells the organisation at any time its risk profile, how this compares to its risk tolerance range and what action should be taken.


Provides a robust framework in which business threats and opportunities can be assessed enabling a better focus on risk mitigation strategies and improvement in risk profiling.

How is it applied to business?

Our clients setup the system to support their unique risk and control framework, whether their organisation is private, public, not for profit or a government agency.  


The system is suited to individual users right through to full scale enterprise deployment and allows any type of risk to be managed at the same time.  

Risk software benefits

Organisations with better ‘foresight’ of potential events can initiate early plans and actions to protect or progress their business.


Risk information can be very quickly disseminated at enterprise, division and department levels which keeps management fully informed and up to date across the whole organisation.


Follows the International Standard Risk Management ISO31000 meaning organisations can trust the software design and methodology.

Enjoy a risk software implementation that's simple and done within a week

Implementing Risk Wizard is straightforward and takes a matter of days.  Importantly, before starting you don’t need a fully thought-out risk process because the software helps to crystallise thinking on what works best for your specific organisation and culture.  Typically, this means simplifying things to make sure that business users' experience is smooth and that new software has mimimal impact on their ‘day jobs’.



Install the application in a

local, secure, cloud site

wrench and screwdriver overlaid


Setup risk framework, system settings and risk data



Train staff how to administer

and use the system

Learn to drive our online risk assessment software in less than 30 minutes


Know the basics after one short session

Discover how you can personalise your risk reporting framework, profile and track your risk situation and automatically manage risk treatment plans...amongst a wealth of other features and benefits.    

Book an online demo today and see how easy it is to capture, update, report and keep safe your risk management information without blowing your budget.

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