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Learn why our compliance software is the choice for smart businesses

Our cloud based compliance management software solution enables you to monitor compliance activities as they happen. You’ll be able to track any compliance breaches or quality failure in real-time so you can quickly and automatically assign tasks.  You’ll always know who is doing what and when. Whether you've outgrown Excel, looking to replace an outdated system or just getting your compliance program started...look no further than Risk Wizard.


Easy, quick, secure and cost effective

Our Compliance software tool offers a simple and quick way of monitoring all of your compliance activities while keeping stakeholders fully informed and up to date.

Active monitoring and reporting of upcoming obligations achieves control, visibility and a high level of confidence in the compliance process.

When you spread task responsibility to others they access our compliance tool for free

Risk Wizard is suitable for individual compliance managers, small compliance teams, right through to a full-scale enterprise compliance program covering staff and external stakeholders.  The software is extremely cost effective because you can invite anyone, even external contractors, to participate and submit compliance responses via our compliance portal for free.

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View a typical compliance tool case study  

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Having outgrown its legacy sytem, Clayton Utz needed a flexible tool that could be tailored to manage business information around Professional Indemnity as well as being able to handle a range of corporate risk issues.


The system needed to be very secure, easy to work with and have in-built reporting capabilities that supported customised reports.

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We customised the system so that all necessary information needed for Professional Indemnity matters could be easily captured, tracked and reported.


Reports were customised to allow quick and easy reporting of case information that mattered. The corporate risk framework was replicated within the system enabling a focused approach.

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The ease of use, transparency and local support has represented great value for money.


The ability to run off reports that are tailored to the specifics of the business has meant that 'need to know' information is always available at the click of a button.

"Clear, concise and helpful reporting"

"During insurance presentations a number of the underwriters remarked on how clear, concise and helpful our reporting was compared to what they often receive from other insurers.

Thanks again for your help with these reports."

Enjoy fewer breaches and higher quality outcomes with our compliance monitoring tool

Experience real-time monitoring of compliance activities.  Easily track normal compliance activity, breaches or failures in real-time using interactive dashboards and on-demand reports.  Because the software offers free access to a wider audience, a broad-reaching compliance solution is achieved.

A4 landscape Compliance Report

Customised views
and reports

Re-create your compliance framework and customise views by business process.  Design reports showing compliance performance and choose filters specifying information needed. 

Less compliance breaches

Because it automatically reminds and alerts staff, compliance activity increases across the organisation leading to less breaches of rules, regulations and failed deadlines.

Better audit trail and performance

Provides a secure and auditable record of an organisation’s compliance results which helps with performance measurement, business process improvement and investigations.

3 good reasons to choose our compliance management software solution

Seamless transition from Excel or legacy system

Moving from spreadsheets or outdated systems is quick, easy and significantly reduces overall compliance time, cost and risk.  We take care of data migration so you are ready to start from agreed go-live date.

Configurable compliance framework

Our multi-dimensional framework is configurable, intuitive and provides effective visibility over the compliance portfolio through customisable dashboards, automatic workflow and tailored reports. 

Compliance control and oversight

Compliance managers can record, schedule, analyse and report compliance obligations whilst decentralising responsibility for compliance to staff across the business using email workflow notifications.

Take a quick break to see how our compliance software system can help

Whether you're just getting started with compliance, looking to upgrade from Excel spreadsheets or decided to replace an older system, we can help you take the next step up to an easy, quick, flexible, secure compliance management software tool that's sensibly priced and saves time, effort and resources.  Arrange a demo today to discover the benefits we can offer you.


Look out for these 'everyday' features and benefits of world class compliance tools

Staff engagement

Time savings, visibility and process simplification engage management and staff.  Enterprise wide involvement can easily be monitored and reported.

Process automation

High process automation saves time and money. Task responsibilities are never forgotten or overlooked with recurring compliance schedules.

Compliance aware

Visibility over what's happened during the past reporting period and what's coming up in the next period creates a compliance aware organisation.

Best practice process

Our highly flexible framework means any organisation can achieve ISO 19600 best practice whilst creating a solution that is tailored to their unique circumstances.

Central register

Organisational compliance obligations in a single centralised register that’s accessible 24/7/365 for recording, managing, monitoring and reporting.

Process integration

As a fully integrated product suite, compliance, risk and incident management all work together to manage the organisation's governance responsibilities.

Compliance management software 101
A guide to the basics

Every organisation should be in control of its internal and external compliance obligations so that management, the Board and regulators are constantly reassured that required duties are being fulfilled.  Our Compliance software tool offers a simple and quick way of monitoring all of your compliance activities while keeping stakeholders fully informed and up to date.

Compliance that can be managed

  • Adhere to regulations

  • Affirm policies are understood

  • Certify returns or statements

  • Confirm completion of jobs or projects

  • Issue contract, policy or reminder notices

  • Make milestone or stage payments

  • Perform checks, inspections or tests

  • Renew contracts, leases or licences

  • Schedule maintenance or training

Application to the workplace

Our clients setup their compliance framework in the system and schedule it to automatically remind, alert and escalate tasks across the organisation.


Notified staff simply click an email link to access their scheduled tasks.  These compliance tasks are dealt with in a similar way by all organisations.

Compliance software outcomes

Enables an organisation to setup its whole compliance framework in one place and automatically assign, remind and alert people about their tasks.


Tells the organisation at any time the degree of compliance being achieved and pinpoints breaches and other non-conformance items for follow-up and remedy.


Notifies staff and escalates to management any reported compliance gaps or failures which immediately prompts organisational action.  

Compliance software benefits

Staff are reminded and automatically followed up about their compliance tasks which leads to less breaches of rules and regulations.


Provides a secure and auditable record of compliance results which helps with performance measurement, business process improvement and investigations.


Follows ISO19600 and best practice guidelines which means organisations can trust the software design and methodology.

Implement our compliance software tool
in a matter of days not weeks

Implementing Risk Wizard is simple, fast and done in under a week.  We upload your compliance data and sync to automatic workflow schedules.  We help build a 'set and forget' compliance framework so repeating tasks are automatically emailed according to desired frequency, for example every month.  Online webinars educate occasional users how to use the cloud portal and upload their compliance results.



Install the software locally in

a secure, cloud site


spanner and screwdriver overlaid

Setup compliance framework, settings and compliance data



Train staff how to maintain

and use the system

Learn how our compliance monitoring system works in under 30 minutes


Learn to drive it after one short demo

Learn how you can achieve increased task automation, better staff engagement through easier access and higher visibility of compliance activities in real time...amongst a range of other features and benefits.    

Arrange an online demo today with one of our experts to quickly appreciate how easy you  can run your compliance program successfully and at a price that's reasonable.

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